Bet on Bexar

  By Bypassers – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Overall vacancy is at 7.5%, up from this time last year at 5.9%. Of the 4.3 million sq. ft. that was delivered to the market in 2019, only 23.5% is available for lease. Market Highlights Vacancy up year-over-year. Overall vacancy is at 7.5%, up from […]

The Holiday Burnout

  How to Keep Employee Morale High This Holiday Season As the holidays approach and Q4 comes to a close, the pressure of chaotic work obligations, deadlines, and family and holiday shopping can cause tensions to run high at the office. If you’d like to keep morale high this season, here are some great suggestions to bring […]

Vacancy in San Antonio

The overall vacancy is at 10.0%, unchanged from this time last year. Meanwhile, the gross average asking rental rate keeps increasing, growing to $23.12 per sq. ft., up $0.80 (3.6%) year-over-year. Occupancy of the 918,000 sq. ft. delivered to the market year-to-date stands at 81.3%, and of the 1.4 million sq. ft. currently under construction. […]

(Plenty) of Offices in San Antonio

At 10.1%, the vacancy rate for office space in the San Antonio metro inched up above 10.0% for the first time since Q1 2016. That represents a 20-basis-point increase from this time last quarter and an 80 basis-point jump year-over-year EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Vacancy rates remain stable At 10.1%, the vacancy rate for office space in […]

Office Rent Structure

  As a follow-up to lease types, we’ll look further at Single and Multi-tenant Office buildings:   SINGLE TENANT OFFICE BUILDINGS Generally, single-tenant office buildings are leased on a triple net basis (NNN). This lease calls for the tenant to be responsible for all costs associated with occupancy. PROPORTIONATE SHARE: The tenant’s proportionate share of […]

Learn your lease (Part 4)

Absolute Triple Net Lease Also known as a bondable lease, the most extreme form of NNN Lease, in which the tenant is responsible for all property-related risks. Under an Absolute Triple Net Lease, the tenant is responsible for all of the expenses and repairs relating to the building including roof and structure and, in the case of casualty or […]